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Listed Medical Devices Sorted by Listing Numbers in Ascending Order
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The List of Medical Devices (Sorted by Listing Number)
About the List of Medical Devices
Listing No. (HKMD No.) Make Model AMDNS Term AMDNS Code Description Remarks
070034 AMO Uppsala Healon G.V. Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media 16844 Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media
070035 AMO Uppsala Healon 5 Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media 16844 Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media
070036 Cordis Avanti Plus Catheter Sheath Introducer (402-604A, 402-605A, 402-606A, 402-607A, 402-608A, 402-609A, 402-610A, 402-604X, 402-605X, 402-606X, 402-607X, 402-608X, 402-609X, 402-610X, 402-611X, 402-655X, 402-656X, 402-604R, 402-605R, 402-606R, 402-607R, 402-604T, 402-605T, 402-606T, 402-607T, 402-608T, 402-609T, 402-610T, 402-611T, 402-604P, 402-605P, 402-606P, 402-607P, 402-608P, 504-604A, 504-605A, 504-606A, 504-607A, 504-608A, 504-609A, 504-610A, 504-611A, 504-655A, 504-656A, 504-657A, 504-658A, 504-604X, 504-605X, 504-606X, 504-607X, 504-608X, 504-609X, 504-610X, 504-611X, 504-655X, 504-656X, 504-657X, 504-658X, 504-604T, 504-605T, 504-606T, 504-607T, 504-608T, 504-609T, 504-610T, 504-611T, 504-655T, 504-656T, 504-657T, 504-658T, 504-606D, 504-607D, 504-608D, 504-609D, 504-604P, 504-605P, 504-606P, 504-604S, 504-605S, 504-606S, 402-605P, 402-606P, 402-607P, 402-608P, 402-655P, 402-656P, 402-657P, 402-658P, 504614Z, 504615Z, 504616Z, 504617Z, 504624Z, 504625Z, 504626Z) Catheter Introducers, Vascular, Central Venous, Hemostasis Valve 17578 Catheter Introducers, Vascular, Central Venous, Hemostasis Valve
070037 OrbusNeich Medical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd SafeCut NM™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter Catheter, angioplasty, balloon dilatation Expired.
070038 KANGDI KYGZB-33.5, KYGZ-32, KYGW-25.5, KYGW-28.5, KYGW-31.5, KYGW-33.5 Staplers, Surgical, Circular 20322 Staplers, Surgical, Circular Expired.
070039 Inspired Medical Ventilation breathing circuit 510 series Breathing Circuits 15562 Breathing Circuits Expired.
070040 Ethicon VICRYL (Polyglactin 910) Sterile Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture (Surgical suture gauge size: 0.2-7.0 (metric), Suture length: 5cm - 250cm, Needle length: 2mm - 110mm, Needle wire diameter: 0.015mm - 1.80mm) Sutures, Synthetic, Absorbable, Polyglactin 17471 Sutures, Synthetic, Absorbable, Polyglactin
070041 VIBRANTMED-EL Vibrant Soundbridge Prostheses, Ear Auricle 13143 Hearing aid, middle ear implant Expired.
070042 Atos Medical Provox Trach-HME Products (7704, 7707) Tracheostomy Buttons 14093 Tracheostomy Buttons
070043 The SinoJect System 7303, 7302, 7300, 7304, 7305 Cannula, sinus Expired.

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