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The List of Medical Devices
About the List of Medical Devices
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Listing No. (HKMD No.) : 050005
Revision No :
Listing Expiry : 16/12/2010
Make : Boston Scientific Corporation
Model : Taxus Express2 (H7493800108220, H7493800108250, H7493800108270, H7493800108300, H7493800108350, H7493800112220, H7493800112250, H7493800112270, H7493800112300, H7493800112350, H7493800116220, H7493800116250, H7493800116270, H7493800116300, H7493800116350, H7493800120220, H7493800120250, H7493800120270, H7493800120300, H7493800120350, H7493800124220, H7493800124250, H7493800124270, H7493800124300, H7493800124350, H7493800128270, H7493800128300, H7493800128350, H7493800132270, H7493800132300, H7493800132350, H7493800108400, H7493800112400, H7493800112450, H7493800112500, H7493800116400, H7493800116450, H7493800116500, H7493800120400, H7493800120450, H7493800120500, H7493800124400, H7493800124450, H7493800124500, H7493800128400, H7493800128450, H7493800128500, H7493800132400, H7493800132450, H7493800132500)
Description : Stent, cardiovascular
Class : IV
AMDNS Code :
AMDNS Term :

Boston Scientific Hong Kong Limited

LRP Tel. :


Manufacturer :

Boston Scientific Corporation

Remarks :


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