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The List of Medical Devices (Sorted by Description)
About the List of Medical Devices
Listing No. (HKMD No.) Make Model Description
140153 Biotronik Iforia 5 HF-T, Iforia 7 HF-T Defibrillator/Cardioverter/Pacemakers, Implantable, Resynchronization
140154 Biotronik Iforia 3 HF-T Defibrillator/Cardioverter/Pacemakers, Implantable, Resynchronization
140174 Biotronik Iforia 5 VR-T, Iforia 5 VR-T DX, Iforia 5 DR-T, Iforia 7 VR-T, Iforia 7 VR-T DX, Iforia 7 DR-T Defibrillator/Cardioverter/Pacemakers, Implantable, Resynchronization
100463 St. Jude Medical AnalyST Accel DR (CD2219-36, CD2219-36Q), AnalyST Accel VR (CD1219-36, CD1219-36Q) Defibrillator/Cardioverters, Implantable
100464 St. Jude Medical Current Accel DR (CD2215-36, CD2215-36Q), Current Accel VR (CD1215-36, CD1215-36Q) Defibrillator/Cardioverters, Implantable
100475 St. Jude Medical Promote Accel (CD3215-36, CD3215-36Q) Defibrillator/Cardioverters, Implantable
100477 St. Jude Medical Fortify VR (CD1233-40, CD1233-40Q), Fortify ST DR (CD2235-40, CD2235-40Q), Fortify ST VR (CD1235-40, CD1235-40Q), Fortify DR (CD2233-40, CD2233-40Q) Defibrillator/Cardioverters, Implantable
100004 Nihon Kohden TEC-5500 series Defibrillator/Pacemakers, External
120104 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20e Defibrillator/Monitor (3202487, 3202488) Defibrillator/Pacemakers, External
120402 Mindray BeneHeart D6 Defibrillator/Pacemakers, External

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