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Listed Medical Devices Sorted by Make in Alphanumeric Characters Order
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The List of Medical Devices (Sorted by Make)
About the List of Medical Devices
Listing No. (HKMD No.) Make Model Description
140123 Occlutech Figulla Flex II PFO (18PFO25S, 19PFO18D, 19PFO25D, 19PFO30D, 19PFO35D) Occluders, Cardiac Septum
140124 Occlutech Sizing Balloon (53SB254, 53SB355) Catheters, Vascular
150306 Occlutech Occlutech PLD Occulder (60PLD04W, 60PLD05W, 60PLD06W, 60PLD07W, 62PLD03T, 62PLD05T, 62PLD07T, 61PLD04W, 61PLD06W, 61PLD08W, 62PLD10W, 61PLD12W, 61PLD14W, 61PLD16W,61PLD18W, 63PLD05T, 63PLD07T, 63PLD10T, 63PLD12T) Occluders
060011 Oceana Therapeutics Deflux Tissue Reconstructive Materials, Fluid
110153 Oculentis Intra Ocular Lenses (L-312, L-313, LS-312 Y, LS-313 Y, LS-312 MF, LS-313 MF, LS-312 Tx, LS-313 Tx, LS-312 MF Tx, LS-313 MF Tx, LU-312 MF T, LU-313 MF T) Lenses, Intraocular, Posterior Chamber
130179 Oculus FreshKon 1-Day Mosaic (Etafilcon A), FreshKon 1-Day Alluring Eyes (Etafilcon A), FreshKon 1-Day Colors Fusion (Etafilcon A), FreshKon 1-Day Dezigner (Etafilcon A) Contact Lenses
110172 Oculus Private Limited FreshKon Mosaic(-0.5 to -10.0D), FreshKon Alluring Eyes(-0.5 to -10.0D), FreshKon Colors Fusion(-0.5 to -10.0D), FreshKon Colors Fusion Sparklers(-0.5 to -10.0D), FreshKon Dezigner(-0.5 to -10.0D) Contact Lenses
160151 Oculus Technologies of Mexico Microdacyn60 Wound Care(SKU: P-E21T00) Topical Solution/Cream/Gels, Injured Skin
120142 Ohmeda Medical Giraffe Omnibed Incubator/Radiant Warming Units, Infant, Mobile
120151 Ohmeda Medical Lullaby Warmer Warming Units, Patient, Radiant, Infant, Mobile

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